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The Victorious Business Conference is an annual event organized by George Effiom Ministries to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in the business arena. The conference is a forum for instruction, inspiration and networking for business people who wish to learn and apply biblical principles in the development and running of their businesses. As a networking event, the conference seeks to inspire business people through exposure to other entrepreneurs and business leaders who have successfully led and grown their businesses to impact the world for Jesus Christ, and develop them to be worthy ambassadors of Jesus Christ in the marketplace.

During the conference, Pastor George Effiom and other conference speakers will reveal timeless biblical principles for effective management, business success and building wealth, and address other topics such as Developing and Maintaining Integrity in Business and Building Your Business to Impact the Kingdom.

If you are a Christian business person looking to become a better steward of the blessings that you have received from God or if you are looking to give your business an edge through the infusion of fresh, biblical thinking or even if you are simply thinking of starting a business and just looking to build on a strong Christian foundation, The Victorious Business Conference is just what you need!!



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