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The Victorious Church Conference is an annual event organized by George Effiom Ministries to promote understanding, unity and collaboration among Christians, regardless of denominational differences, to the end that the Church of Jesus Christ may speak with one clear voice as we seek to propagate the gospel and address the socio-cultural issues of our day.

The conference will include bible teaching, panel discussions, prayer and worship featuring pastors, teachers, theologians and other dynamic speakers across Christian denominations around the world. Designed as a scholarly yet spiritual work, the conference will seek to reveal and proclaim biblical truth so that the doctrinal confusion that has become pervasive in the church may be confronted and clarified.

If you are a Christian pastor, teacher, theologian, leader or layperson who wishes to develop or clarify your worldview or contribute to the development or clarification of a Christian worldview, The Victorious Church Conference is just what you need!!



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