The recent spate of police killings of young African-American men is alarming and the resulting protests are justified. All men are created in the image of God and therefore every human life is valuable in His sight.


While we appreciate the work that police officers do and the intense pressure that sometimes attends that work, let us be clear that a police officer’s license to carry and use a firearm should never be mistaken for a license to murder people, even if they are African-American!! Let us also be clear that police officers need not approach every situation involving African-Americans with maximum force as many of these videos of police killings reveal. When police officers approach citizens, especially unarmed citizens, with unnecessary aggression, their actions tend to provoke an aggressive response from the citizens that they harass. It is sad and unacceptable that these natural responses by citizens, especially African-American citizens, are then used to justify their murder by the very police officers who instigated the aggression in the first place!!


Imagine a police officer throwing a citizen to the ground like a rag doll, twisting his arm behind his back, placing his knee and all his weight on his back to pin him to the ground in such a manner that he cannot breathe, and then shooting him because he was “struggling,” when the simple truth is that he was struggling for his life!!


As outrageous as these killings have been, the silence of so many of our leaders in the church is even more outrageous!! How anyone who calls on the name of Jesus Christ can be outraged about the killing of the unborn through abortion and yet be silent at these needless killings of African-Americans is beyond comprehension. It is an outrage that so many lives are lost to abortion in America, but it is equally outrageous that so many African-Americans are being killed by police in this country as well!!


Whatever your political stance may be, the truth is that these killings MUST STOP and the church of Jesus Christ must not be silent untill they do!! May Almighty God continue to protect police officers throughout these United States and give them wisdom and restraint as they work to protect us all. May Almighty God also protect African-American men, many of whom are justifiably fearful that any encounter with police, no matter how benign, may end in their death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!